Ultimate Health Bundle

Ultimate Health Bundle

Ultimate Health Bundle

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Ready to take charge of your health the vegan way? Studies have shown that a whole-food plant-based diet is the answer to a healthier and longer life.

The Vegan Ebook Ultimate Health Bundle includes our:

  • 20 Low Carbohydrate Recipes Ebook
  • 20 Recipes For A Healthier Heart Ebook
  • 20 Recipes For Weightloss Ebook
  • 20 Recipes To Regulate Blood Sugar Ebook
  • The Ultimate Vegan Starter Kit Ebook

Join the rest of our vegan community and let's get healthy together. The vegan way!


I never knew it was possible to make such delicious vegan dishes with so little efforts and ingredients. Lots of options provided for every purpose in the bundle.

Martha J.

Super delicious recipes. I haven't even tried them all yet and i'm already impressed. All recipes are super easy to make and are very nutritious..

Lydia K.

Wow, the amount of education in this deal is insane! It’s going to take me weeks to get through all of this. Worth every penny. Thank you!

Harold M.

I had purchased one book earlier and came back to buy the whole bundle. Definitely recommend if you're thinking of going vegan!

Cynthia J.

I bought it and I’m not disappointed!! This bundle is absolutely fantastic, just phenomenal! I still can't believe I got all of that for so little!

Aamber D.

The 28 Day Challenge is EXACTLY what my family and I needed. The meal plan and grocery list was perfect for a busy family of 5

Prakash M.

I was skeptical at first of a $1.99 product but the Vegan Starter Kit is incredible. Im shocked its so cheap, it has EVERYTHING.

Colbie J.

Down 20lbs in 7 weeks thanks to the full ebook bundle. Im diabetic and I wasnt eating enough protein, this bundle saved me and my health goals!!!

Julianne B.